erin cece

Erin began a dedicated yoga practice in 2012. She comes from a background of zero
experience with gymnastics or dance and was primarily a long distance runner for
years. Navigating yoga principles and movements didn’t come to her naturally; it came
through discipline, passion, curiosity, and humility. Her practice is always a work in
Erin received her 200-hour teaching certification at Yoga Landing in Chattanooga, TN
where she was immersed in a wealth of Hatha disciplines including Vinyasa (Heated &
Non-Heated), Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, and Yoga for Therapy. She also completed a
200-hour Ashtanga Apprenticeship at The Yoga Shala in Orlando, FL.
Teaching Style
Erin’s goal is to teach classes that are authentic, non judgemental, compassion-
centered, and educational. Yoga practice is so much more than asana and should feel
accessible for everybody and every body.
How Yoga Serves Erin
Yoga is a tool for self-empowerment that can also serve as a positive coping strategy to
generate self-love, self-acceptance, and self-knowledge through not only times of
movement and expression, but also stillness and introspection.
Words of Wisdom for Students
Both in life and on the mat: whether the experience you’re having is “good” or “bad”, it
will change. We use yoga to try to learn not to categorize those moments, but to accept
the fluctuations of ups and downs and find a more even-keeled and consistent mindset.
Oh, and please, don’t forget to breathe!