karli Kronmiller

Karli began practicing yoga in high school to cope with her anxiety. Throughout college she settled into an accepting and encouraging yoga community in Pennsylvania and knew she wanted to share her practice with others through the service of teaching. Upon relocating to Florida a few years ago, Karli explored the Orlando yoga community and pursued a 200-Hour Online Vinyasa Certification and a Yoga Alliance Certified 290-hour Hatha Certification.

Teaching Style
Karli teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. She has a special interest in alignment as well as yoga philosophy. Karli makes an effort to incorporate mindfulness and the teachings of the yoga sutras during her time with her students.

How Yoga Serves Karli
Karli views yoga as an old friend that is always there to accompany her during both hard and victorious times. It is an accepting and loving practice that is continuously teaching her new things.

Words of Wisdom for Students
Be weird. Be unique. Be you! I was always called a “hippie”, a “treehugger”, a “weirdo” and I used to get upset and feel ridiculed. One day I woke up and realized – I am a treehugging hippie weirdo vegan yogi and I love myself and my journey. Anyone who doesn’t love you for you isn’t meant to walk along side you on your journey (ps love them anyway).