MIriam reh

Gymnastics and martial arts occupied Miriam for the majority of her life. While seeking some form of refuge, a spiritual clarity if you will, Ms.Reh came across an invitation unaware of the metamorphosis which lay ahead – Yoga. And so began the long journey towards the light. She deepened her knowledge of various disciplines of yoga under the tutelage of several yogis, such as Sarasvati Devi, Christine Northcote, Steve Rubin, Debbie Parsons, Lee Clise and Pradeep Teotia, just to name a few. Miriam decided she wanted to guide people to trace and ignite their own light just as these yogis have and continue to do for her. She enrolled in the Prana Vinyasa 200-hour yoga teacher training at Full Circle Yoga in 2012.

Teaching Style
Miriam’s unorthodox, fluid teaching style is light-hearted yet dynamic and energetic. She most definitely incorporates her passion for vinyasa flow in each class.

How Yoga Serves Miriam
Yoga has delivered Miriam into a new connectedness and wholeness.

Words of Wisdom for Students
In almost every class you will hear Miriam say, “Stay calm. We’re almost there.”