All levels. Release, relax, and rejuvenate in this class designed for all bodies. Perfect for anyone looking for a more restful approach to their yoga practice. A perfect counterbalance to the stresses of life, this practice encourages the body and mind to unwind, relieves tension and pain, balances energy and supports the healing process. Emphasis is on making the postures as comfortable as possible through the usage of yoga props. Long supported holds of 5-20 minutes gives space for each practitioner to relax. Seated and reclined postures, soothing breath-work and calming music all layer together to provide a space to explore your ability to soften on and off the yoga mat. Class incorporates meditation and either the playing of crystal bowls with Erin or light chanting with Lisa.

*Please note for the classes offered via Zoom: Props are essential and critical to this class. We use two bolsters / sturdy pillows, two blocks, and four blankets.